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The Owl and The Beetle - Issue #32

published20 days ago
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This week we learn about money, task management, and the ultimate productivity word. As well as how to raise your alertness, and the mystery of the moving rocks!

Let's get going!

3 Droplets of Leadership

  1. Fuck You Money

    “Money can’t buy happiness, but the absence of money can cause unhappiness. Money buys freedom: intellectual freedom, freedom to choose who you vote for, to choose what you want to do professionally. But having what I call “fuck you” money requires a huge amount of discipline. The minute you go a penny over, then you lose your freedom again. If money is the cause of your worry, then you have to restructure your life.” - Nassim Taleb

    Read more about money and happiness. Check it out!

  2. A Great Guide to Managing Your Tasks by Paolo Belcastro

    For many years, my productivity relied on todo lists. And it was all an up and down. It was up for weeks while I was religiously taking care of my lists, and down for months when I was totally overwhelmed by them. Until I followed Paolo’s advice and started following his method.

    He published a guide on his blog, and I strongly recommend to have a read and save in in your bookmarks. Don’t miss it!

  3. The Best Productivity Hack: Saying NO

    If you want to become productive, start saying NO more often.

    Here is a nice Twitter thread to get you started.

2 Grains of Technology

  1. Falling asleep at work? Try this simple trick!

    It turns out that you can trick your brain, artificially creating more alertness.

    Check this out!

  2. The mystery of the moving rocks

    It took almost a century to find out how large rocks were moving across the surface of a dry lake.

    What a fascinating story!

1 Atom of Reflection

We see people and things not as they are, but as we are. That is why when two people look at something or someone, you get two different reactions. - Anthony de Mello

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